The Royal Cliff Beach Resort Make Their Annual Donation to the Father Ray Foundation.


Caption: Executives of the Royal Cliff Beach Resort present their annual donation to the Father Ray Foundation


On 17th November, executives of the Royal Cliff Beach Resort continued their efforts to help develop and support the local communities within Pattaya. As a part of her corporate social responsibility, Mrs Panga Vathanakul, Managing Director of the five star resort collectively donated Baht 300,000 to the Father Ray Foundation, the Pattaya Orphanage and the School for the Blind.

The donation in cash was gratefully accepted by the charities along with 400 beautifully designed face towels, 30 boxes of biscuits, 1,000 blankets, 2,000kg of rice and 800 packages of noodles. During the development of Redemptorist School for the Blinds’ reception room, the Royal Cliff has donated a further Baht 300,000 to help with decoration costs.

The Royal Cliff Beach Resort has always been an active part in local support. Having implemented an environmental policy, Mrs. Vathanakul has encouraged staff and guests to minimize power consumption and has involved local communities in beach and road cleaning activities. In recognition of her practices, the resort has been rewarded 11 Environmental awards including 6 EAI Monitoring awards from the Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment.