Royal Cliff Hotels Group’s Lunar Celebrations
for the Year of the Rabbit


For the Chinese, ‘Kong Hei Fatt Choy’ or the Lunar Celebrations is considered one of the most important festivities in the Chinese calendar. This is the time of the month, when the new moon appears predicting the start of a new calendar year; and where each year is presented by the 12 symbolic animal characters. This year welcomed the Year of the Rabbit, promising abundance of good fortune, an ideal prediction that represents the Rabbit’s character to multiply abundantly!

An ancient tradition and culture steeped in mystical myths and legends, this age-old observance was celebrated with much heartiness at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group. Set perfectly at the Royal Cliff Beach Hotel’s pool area, the decorations were in Red, to signify strength and good luck; blended with bold characters of Gold, which signified wealth and prosperity.

Guests were treated to mouth-watering dishes; where Royal Cliff’s master chefs’ staged an incredible spread of Chinese and Asian favourites with a vast selection of delicacies such as fresh seafood, roasted duck and of course the much-favourite dim sum station; coupled with international flavours to suit all palates and preferences.

It was indeed a vibrant evening filled with excitement as in keeping with tradition, the Royal Cliff treated guests to a pulsating and energetic Dragon Dance which swept through the giant lantern filled archway, through sparkling firecrackers and beyond the captivated audience to begin an animated performance. A dazzling performance from the traditional Chinese Acrobatic team which, effortlessly showcased agility and precise movements, to the delight of the guests, added to the lively celebrations.

The Royal Cliff Hotels Group offers the perfect beachfront setting with traditional and modern Thai style furnishings, extraordinary service and the ambience of absolute luxury. The 64 acre property is home to four award winning 5-star hotels offering a sensory experience defined profoundly by its style, culture and elegance - all presented with the distinctive spirit of the State of Exclusivity and Fascination.

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  Photo Caption: Guests embrace Chinese traditions at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group