Royal Cliff Hotels Group wishes a Happy 100th Birthday to a very special friend

Executives of the Royal Cliff Hotels Group were privileged to host the 100th birthday anniversary party for Mrs. Herta Rommel earlier this week.  Her entrance to the hotel was spectacular as she impressed everyone with her excellent health and energy.

Mrs. Rommel, a dear friend of the Royal Cliff Hotels Group enjoyed a relaxing day at the 5-Star luxury resort with her daughter, Mrs. Christel Pilz who had planned the party with The Royal Cliff’s team. The party reception was held at Panorama (Dramatic Atmosphere). Upon arrival Mrs. Rommel and her daughter were greeted by Mrs. Panga Vathanakul, Managing Director and Mr. Ranjith Chandrasiri, deputy general manager of the Royal Cliff as well as the rest of the management team of the resort. The party started with a traditional Thai dance performance from a group of Thai young artistes before surprising her with a grand birthday cake. The topping on the cake read, “don’t be old, just be Herta Rommel,” the perfect choice of words for this truly inspiring lady.
During the afternoon Mrs. Rommel enjoyed the panoramic tranquil views that surround the tropical Royal Cliff bay. For dinner Mrs. Rommel’s family and friends took her to the family’s favourite restaurant, the Royal Grill Room and Wine Cellar (Excellence and Heritage) for an evening of fine dining and exceptional wines. The restaurant is known for its traditional style and immaculate service, the award winning Royal Grill Room features over 1,000 new and old-world wine labels and is complemented with the only underground wine cellar in Thailand.

All the staff and management of the Royal Cliff Hotels Group would like to, once again wish Mrs. Rommel a wonderful Happy Birthday. We are all very much looking forward to her return next year.

Situated on a 64-acre private parkland estate overlooking the stunning Gulf of Thailand, this luxury resort offers a sensory experience within a distinctive spirit of the State of Exclusivity and Fascination. With 11 restaurants and bars, dining at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group is like embarking on a tour of the world’s finest cuisines; a perfect place for an intimate meal for two, or a grand birthday celebration.

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  Mr. Ranjith Chandrasiri, Deputy General Manager (left) and Mrs. Panga Vathanakul, Managing Director (right) wish Mrs. Herta Rommel a rosy Happy Birthday at Panorama – Dramatic Atmosphere, Royal Cliff Hotels Group.