Royal Cliffs Hotel Group recently hosted Father Ray Foundation’s “Thank You Concert 2011”, a special event organized to thank the generous support from various agencies, individuals and kind sponsors.  This was also held in conclusion to the recent Father Ray Memorial Week in celebration of Father Ray’s lifetime work for disadvantaged children.

 The September 3rd event which was co-sponsored by Royal Cliff Hotels Group included international performers’, namely soprano Dr. Donna Tatsuki, pianist Mr. Kanji Wakiyama and top Thai musicians’ Mr. Pom Autobahn, pianist Ms. Maleewan Jemina, and saxophonist Mr. Aajaan Nop.  The Mayor of Pattaya, Mr. Ittipol Khunplome, was in attendance along with Mr. Poramet Ngarmpichet Member of the House of Parliament. The Royal Cliff Hotels Group’s General Manager, Mr. Joachim Grill and Resident Manager of Operations Mr. Choosakdi Srivatjanapong also attended this event.

 Acting President of Father Ray Foundation, Father Pattarapong Srivonakul, gave the opening speech and welcomed all present at the Supper Club, located at Royal Cliff Beach Hotel. This afternoon event attracted more than 150 invited guests and children from the foundation.  Use of the Supper Club was generously provided gratis to Father Ray Foundation by the Royal Cliff Hotels Group, a truly magnanimous way of offering support for the noble causes of this foundation.

 Royal Cliff Hotels Group is a proud supporter and patron of Father Ray Foundation.  Frequent donations of funds, foodstuff, and essential supply goods are continuously arranged from time to time by the Royal Cliff Hotels Group as part of the property’s corporate social responsibility to the underprivileged and communities of Pattaya.   

The dynamic evening was filled with inspirational volunteer cooperation and heartfelt performances by the foundation’s charming children, as well as distinguished entertainers & sponsors.  Volunteers from the foundation together with the Royal Cliff team served afternoon tea cakes and beverages to the guests.  Booths ran by volunteers and students offered a unique glimpse into the handmade crafts which the children produced.  One musical number featured Dr. Donna Tatsuki leading the children through a touching recital of “Unsung Hero”, a song about the love and deep appreciation for Father Raymond A. Brennan C.Ss.R (1932-2003).  The children from the foundation closed the show with a rendition of the Disney classic “It’s a Small World”. 

Father Ray began caring for Thailand’s orphaned babies, and abandoned children in 1974.  He provided education, a healthy home-environment, guidance, and love to disadvantaged children, teenagers and disabled individuals.  Father Ray has “never turned a needy child away”, a covenant that remains a vital pillar for the foundation.  Today, there are 6 centres running programs under Father Ray Foundation, 5 in Pattaya and 1 in Nong Khai, Northeastern Thailand.  If you are interested in learning more about the Father Ray Foundation, visiting the facilities, becoming a volunteer or benefactor please visit 

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Photo caption : Mayor of Pattaya Mr. Ittipol Khunplome (4th from right), Royal Cliff Hotels Group’s Resident Manager Mr. Choosakdi Srivatjanapong (2nd from right), Acting President of Father Ray Foundation Father Pattarapong Srivonakul(5th from right) with invited guests and foundation members at the recent “Thank You Concert 2011’ held at the Supper Club, Royal Cliff Hotels Group