Adfest 2012 “Fast Forward” at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group and PEACH (Pattaya Exhibition And Convention Hall)

 The 15th Asia Pacific Advertising Festival, or more affectionately known as ADFEST 2012, was held in Pattaya Exhibition And Convention Hall (PEACH) a flagship of the Royal Cliff Hotels Group from March 18th-20th 2012 and was attended by over 800 delegates accommodated at the Royal Cliff. 

 This year’s theme for ADFEST is "Fast Forward", embracing the relentless pace of change that is transforming this region and the world. The most creative and innovative minds of the region gathered in PEACH’s grand halls to showcase their brilliant talent in seemingly endless galleries of stunning creations. The event was bursting with activity and featured thousands of cutting edge advertising artwork, promotions, and campaigns. 

Some of the major highlight includes the “Young Lotus Workshop”, where delegates were able to prove their diverse talents and ideas in hopes of jump starting their careers, judging the displays and awards bestowed, the elaborate and fun filled closing ceremony at Royal Cliff Beach Hotel’s ultra modern Infinity edge poolside and of course the bustling, assortment of nationalities competing and creating in one self-sufficient location.

Royal Cliff Hotels Group General Manager Mr. Joachim Grill presenting the ‘Green Certificate’ to Mr. Vinit Suraphongchai, Working Committee Chairman of Adfest.    The ‘Green Certificate’ is awarded to selected organisations for having taken great steps in helping to safeguard the environment, and help reduce global warming by opting to have their event at Royal Cliff Hotels Group. In turn, Mr. Vinit presented a personal “Thank You” certificate to the Royal Cliff Hotels Group for their cooperation and exceedingly high services throughout the judging and events. 

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Photo Caption: Adfest 2012 Closing Dinner Celebration at the Beach Hotel’s Infinity Poolside

Photo Caption: Mr. Vinit  Suraphongchai Adfest Working Committee Chairman celebrating with Adfest 2012’s bright, young delegates at the Beach Hotel’s Infinity pool side.

Photo Caption: Mr. Vinit Suraphongchai presenting Royal Cliff Hotels Group General Manager Mr. Joachim Grill with a “Thank You” certificate for the outstanding services and facilities at PEACH (Pattaya Exhibition And Convention Hall). 
Photo Caption: Royal Cliff Hotels Group General Manager Mr. Joachim Grill presenting Adfest Working Committee Chairman Mr. Vinit Suraphongchai with the ‘Green Certificate’ award.