Executive Chef Walter Thenisch


Executive Chef Walter Thenisch

Executive Chef Walter Thenisch

Royal Cliff Hotels Group & PEACH 

Executive Chef Walter Thenisch is the main pillar of the Royal Cliff’s successful culinary foundation. Chef Walter’s roots and training are in his native Switzerland. After working in Europe, the United Kingdom, Bali and Bangkok he found his home of 30 years at the Royal Cliff. Chef Walter has personally trained and molded the Kitchen Team into a dynamic engine bursting with creative gourmet flavours. 

It would be a great feat to list all of Chef Walter’s prestigious accomplishments, awards, and innovations as he is a highly decorated man. Needless to say, his many accolades are a testament to his great skill and dedication to service. 

Chef Walter is a true delight and opens his heart to every guest and diner. He is one of Royal Cliff’s brightest gems. 



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