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Please indicate which features would be helpful in planning a stay at Royal Cliff:
    Photo gallery
    Facilities in the resort
    Room & Suite information
    Map of the destination
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Which of the following would influence you to book directly on the Royal Cliff website rather than on other travel websites?
    Special offers/promotions
    Easier to make/change reservations
    More info on cancellation policy
    More photos of hotel and rooms
    Ability to find more information about hotels
    Better description of rooms and amenities
    Ability to find more information about the location/destination
Other please specify


How did you find this website?
    Adverisement in magazine
    Attended an event at the hotel
    Brochure listing
    Corporate account
    Directed by search engine
    Guide book
    Social Media
    Link from another website
    Press article
    Previous guest
    Travel agent/Tour operator/Online Travel Agent (e.g. Agoda)
    Tripadvisor or other online review sites
    Word of mouth
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What was the purpose of your visit to the website?
    Making a booking
    Researching information
    Looking at special offers
    Destination information
    Looking at specific hotels
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What website functionality was most useful?
    Booking Process
    Photo Gallery
    Map & Directions
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Would you say this website is?
    User friendly


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Thank you again for taking the time to complete this form and for your ideas for improving our website.