Fitz Club New Safety Measures

Please read and comply as these incorporate strict government regulations.

1. The opening hours of the club are from 7:00 am – 9:00 pm.  The gym will close at 8:30 pm so our staff can sanitize the equipment before closing the club.

2. Members can now use the following facilities: Tennis courts, Outdoor area by the Tennis courts, Gym, Aerobic Studio, Squash and Swimming pools.

3. Please book in advance by telephone call or email before you arrive at the club. As the hotel is close, our Fitz Club staff needs to give your names to the security guard to allow your entry. To ensure everyone’s safety, the hotel staff needs to be aware of all visitors entering the property. Please state clearly the date and time of your arrival and what facilities you would like to use. If the club is highly congested during the time you wish to book, our team will advise you on the best time to come.

4. As we have to limit the number of people at the club at any given time, Fitz Club staff can refuse service to walk-in members who have not made a booking prior to arrival.

5. Following the guidelines from the government and to protect our members, we cannot accept outside guests. Only Fitz Club members can use the facilities. Please encourage your friends to apply for membership. We are also offering weekly Tennis and Squash memberships for the time being. You can contact the Fitz Club staff for more details.

6. Members must undergo a temperature check before entering the club. Fitz Club team can refuse entry to those whose temperatures are above 37.5 °C or if the nurse sees that the member is developing flu-like symptoms.

7. We kindly ask all members to use the hand sanitizers provided before entering the Reception area, gym or the tennis and squash courts.

8.  Kindly wear a face mask when you enter or walk around the club. We also recommend wearing a face shield. The government recommends that members wear a mask or face shield while exercising, however, as this is not mandatory, you can exercise without them.

9. The machines have been arranged in a way that social distancing will be implemented.

10. Only 12 people can be inside the gym at any given time.

11. Kindly disinfect your hands with the sanitizer gel provided before using any of the equipment.

12. No more than 5 people are allowed inside the Aerobic Studio at any given time.

13. Only yoga group classes are allowed. The rest of the group classes are not permitted.

14. Only 10 people can use the swimming pools at any given time.

15. Please practice social distancing as much as possible.

16. If the Reception area gets too crowded, the Fitz Club staff has the right to ask you to wait outside or in the relaxation room.

17. Kindly use the designated tables and pool beds that our team has set-up when using the pool. Please do not move the poolside furniture around by yourself.

18. Members can stay at the club for a maximum of 2 hours.

19. Members can order food from the Royal Cliff food delivery service. Members must eat at the assigned area next to the Reception. Please do not move the tables and chairs as they have been set up to foster social distancing.

20. For members who come to play Tennis, only singles play is allowed at this time. Social distancing measures must be met so only 2 people are allowed per court at a given time.

21. Only 5 people are allowed in the locker rooms at a given time.

22. It is advised that you wear your tennis or running outfit to the club so that the locker rooms will not get overcrowded.

23. Please bring your own towels at this time as we will not be able to provide this service following government regulations.

24. Each member will be given 2 water bottles on a complimentary basis per day.

25. You can still rent Tennis racquets, squash racquets, shoes etc. at the club.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  Have a great workout!


Fitz Club team