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Friends of the Cliff

July 2017

Vote for Royal Cliff in the 2017 Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards
Enjoy 35% discount from Best Flexible Rates and more benefits! Limited time offer so please hurry.
Join our Thrilling 9th Fitz Club Tennis Tournament on 25 – 27 August 2017

Friends of the Cliff

June 2017

Improve your health and elevate your fitness with the best sports club in Pattaya - Fitz Club
Create your unique magical Birthday Party for your child at Funtasea – Kids World
Forget other channels. Book direct with us and get these exclusive benefits!
Let’s Play a Game - Test Your Royal Cliff Knowledge and Win!

Friends of the Cliff

May 2017

The Stay And Play Package is back and it's even better than before!
Take advantage of what most people don't know - Benefits of booking direct
Breathtaking sunset views with amazing seafood -  Experience Breezeo!
Quote code upon booking to be entered to a special lucky draw

Friends of the Cliff

April 2017

Indulge in the Suite Life with our Amazing Suite Deals
Experience Exquisite Gourmet Dining Under the Stars
Sweet Offers For Suite Bookers
Plan your trip!  Fun activities for an unforgettable stay at the Royal Cliff

Friends of the Cliff

March 2017

Discover amazing cuisine with our talented new Chef
First time ever - Don’t miss our 35% off Best Flexible Rates Offer
Family Day: The Popular Funtasea Easter Wonderland is returning soon!

Friends of the Cliff

February 2017

Surprise your loved one with an enchanting Valentine's Day
Surprise your special one with the Ocean Kiss package
Sports, fitness and fun activities at Royal Cliff
Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with our Special Iris Fare!

Friends of the Cliff

January 2017

Exclusive New Year Super Discount For You!
Celebrate Children's Day in Style at Royal Cliff
Enjoy a Spectacular Chinese New Year With Your Family
Feel the Excitement of a Hands-On Thai Cooking Experience


Food and Beverage Promotions

April - June 2017

Enjoy the TASTE of a good life with our new F and B promotions

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