로얄 클리프 팀은 우수한 휴가 패키지를 전문 설계하여 여러분께 소개해 드립니다. 흥미로운 이벤트와 함께 사랑하는 사람과 함께 좋은 기회를 가져 보세요.


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Extended Stay Package

Planning to stay longer to make the most out of your holiday? Our new Extended Stay Package is the perfect one for you! Get 20-30% discount from our Best Flexible Rates along with other exclusive benefits that would make your holiday into an extraordinary one! Book now and enjoy big savings while getting the ultimate hotel experience you deserve.

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Available at

  • Royal Cliff Beach Terrace
  • Royal Cliff Grand Hotel


Romantic Holidays


Ocean Kiss

Time for rest, relaxation and romance with Royal Cliff’s new Ocean Kiss!
Enjoy sun-kissed beaches, tropical breeze and spectacular sunsets with our award-winning Ocean Kiss cocktail as you take in the spectacular sights and sounds of your very own paradise.

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Available at

  • Royal Cliff Beach Terrace

Chapter One The Proposal

Every gentleman ready to embark upon the journey of marriage knows a perfect proposal is undeniably the moment.

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Available at

  • all Hotels


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