Precautionary Measures in Response to Coronavirus

Royal Cliff is closely monitoring the coronavirus situation at all times.

The health, safety and well-being of our guests and staff are our top priority. We are working closely with Thailand’s Ministry of Health regarding the necessary precautions to keep our hotels secure and protected from the recent outbreak. We have a nurse on stand-by and have increased the frequency of disinfection especially in high-traffic areas across the resort. Hand sanitizers, masks and thermometers are also available in our Reception Counters and Testing Center. As a precaution, please know that we might ask our guests for recent travel history or check for signs and symptoms upon check-in. We might also direct symptomatic travelers to further medical examination.

Should you feel unwell during your stay or develop respiratory symptoms such as cough, runny nose or fever, please inform any of our staff immediately for assistance.

They will help you seek medical care right away.


나파 요리 교실

세계에서 가장 인기있는 요리 중 하나인 태국 요리를 배울수있는 나파 태국 요리 교실이 있습니다. 수상 경력이있는 요리사는 태국 요리를 예술적 감각을 살려 단계적으로 가르 칠 것입니다. 2000 년 9 월에 문을 연 실용 교육장은 작은 로비와 리셉션 공간, 탈의실 및 목재 가구 로 장식된 태국 오픈 키친 공간이 있어, 이상적인 학습 환경을 제공하고 있습니다.. 수업은 세 시간 코스로, 요리 수업 외에 참가자들은 무료 선물 을 받을 수 있습니다. 아이들을위한 특별한 클래스도 있습니다.클래스를 예약하거나 더 많은 정보를 요청하려면, 왼쪽 편 메뉴에서 있는 연락처 정보를 참조해 주세요.

나파 요리 교실을 예약하시면, 무료로 다양한 요리의 요리법(레시피)를 드립니다.

3시간 요리 교실:

    • 웰컴 드링크
    • 점심
    • 음식재료, 레시피 와 메뉴
    • 요리사 앞치마, 모자
    • 향신 선물 바스켓
    • 카레 와 허브
    • 요리 교실 증명서



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 We came from the Celebrity Millennium Cruise for a chef’s tour and cooking class…Meeting the chef from the property and walking through a local market was very interesting. Seeing all the food sold from fresh fish to chicken, the unusual fruits we don’t see in the States. The class, food, and time of cooking was much more than expected.
Great experience and opportunity. It is a must for future cruises!
Thank you for a great time! 
 Rosalynne Miller

 My most enjoyable tour of our trip so far. I would love to return to the Royal Cliff for a stay in Thailand 
 Michael McCranie

 Great Time! We will want to return and stay at the hotel. I would like to see more of cooking school and the hotel’s kitchen. Thank you for a fantastic time! 
 Arthur Miller

 Wonderful experience. Would definitely recommend this and the location was breath-taking 
 Harriet McCarnie

 Gorgeous facility with wonderfully attentive staff. Greatly enjoyed the class! 
 Elaine Bogart

 I had a very great time. Felt well cared for and the food was excellent. Cooking class was well paced. Thank you! 
 Mark Stieglitz