Coaching Qualifications:

  • M.A.Ed. "Physical Education and Sports" with an emphasis in Sport Management
  • Professional Tennis Registry - Adult development - Instructor
  • Professional Tennis Registry - 10 & Under development - Instructor
  • Professional Tennis Registry - 100+ strokes and tennis match analysis
  • Professional Tennis Registry - Performance - Professional

Playing and Coaching Experience

Anastasia has been playing tennis since she was 5 years old. She studied at the Coastal State School of Olympic Reserve and finished her Masters Degree in Physical Education and Sports with emphasis in Sport Management at the Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok, Russia.

After obtaining her coaching qualifications, she has had over 8 years of experience working as a tennis coach in Russia, United Arab Emirates and Thailand where she gained the experience to teach a wide range of players from kids, teens to adults.

As someone who has developed a strong passion for the sport at a very young age, Anastasia understands a student's motivations during the learning stages. She realized the importance of knowing how players learn and how this influences her own coaching behavior. She loves to teach the sport in a fun and relaxed environment utilizing all the knowledge and experience that she has gained by making use of creative methods and organizing dynamic programs based on her students' levels.

As a highly qualified tennis coach, Anastasia also loves to teach beginners who want to learn the sport from scratch. She also loves to work with kids and has found inventive ways to get them easily engaged. Her focus is on teaching her students the importance of adapting different techniques to improve their game by developing great footwork and court movement as well as building on their game strategy and tactics.

Plans at Fitz Club - Racquets, Health and Fitness

With her in the team, tennis lovers can expect a lot of interesting things from Anastasia. She plans to expand tennis and coaching related activities in the club in order to increase more interest programs for members and hotel guests. She plans to bring a collaborative and dynamic approach to coaching and work closely with her students to help them achieve their individual goals.

This includes developing a fantastic range of programs for all ages that combine fundamentals, fitness and fun!

  • Kids Tennis Coaching Program for 3 - 10 years olds
  • Cardio Tennis
  • Instant Tennis Program for those who want to learn tennis fast
  • Class on Match Analysis for parents
  • International Tennis Number (ITN) test
  • Ladies Social Tennis Mornings
  • Specialized Programs according to level
  • Personalized tennis lessons for all ages and skill levels


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