“Royal Cliff’s deVine Celebrations!”


“Royal Cliff’s deVine Celebrations!”

“Royal Cliff’s deVine Celebrations!”

On January 31st the Royal Cliff Hotels Group held a memorable event to celebrate receiving the ninth consecutive Wine Spectator Award. The complimentary event which combined the annual Regular Guest Cocktail Party and a deVine Club Wine Tasting was a success amongst all who attended the evening.

Royal Cliff management including Managing Director Mrs. Panga Vathanakul, personally welcomed all the guests to the Grand Hotel’s Head of State Chamber which was transformed into an exciting and colourful scene. There were over 10 wine distributors and labels represented at this spectacular event. Each label and distributor was represented in booths that were placed around the room. 

Royal Cliff’s culinary team created special signature dishes and desserts to complement each wine. In addition to new delicious delights, traditional favourites like Chef Walter Thenisch’s ‘Gordon’s Gin Flambe Tomato Soup’ were featured for all to enjoy! 

General Manager Mr. Christoph Voegeli gave an opening speech which highlighted the resort’s new facilities, upcoming projects and explained the high standards necessary to win a Wine Spectator Award. All attendees were happily sated and the ballroom was buzzing with anticipation for 2013’s remaining deVine events. One deVine member Mr. John Howarth proclaimed, “That was a truly SUPERB night!” 

As the Royal Cliff personalises every experience and values our guests’ special occasions, the management arranged for a birthday celebration for Mr. Ackerman who turned 97 years old that day. A scrumptious cake and custom-made card, signed by the management team, was presented as a surprise. 

Royal Cliff Hotels Group General Manager and deVine Club Acting-President Mr. Christoph Voegeli said “It is always a pleasure to take part in events that allow intimate interaction with so many of our regular guests, and it was so wonderful to combine it with our deVine club members who have also been long-time fans of Royal Cliff” 

deVine Wine Club was launched on 28th April 2001 as the visible face of the resort's enthusiasm for promoting wines and hosting wine-related events. It has enjoyed tremendous success from its very first function. 

Today, membership has grown substantially and we are now Asia’s leading wine club. Our gala dinners are always very popular, offering an exquisite seven-course meal. At each event the resort invites renowned international wine experts to introduce and offer their wines for tastings.

Our award-winning wine cellar houses Thailand’s most formidable selection of wines, boasting more than 36,000 carefully selected bottles in its inventory, including over 1,000 of the world’s best new- and old-world wine labels and 15 varieties of the resort’s own label selection. The wines in this selection hail from some of the world’s best wine producing regions and are exclusively made and bottled for the Royal Cliff Hotels Group.

For more information about the wine club and membership, please email the club’s acting-president Mr. Christoph Voegeli at wineclub@royalcliff.com . 

Royal Cliff Hotels Group Managing Director Mrs. Panga Vathanakul (5th from right) with General Manager Mr. Christoph Voegeli (4th from right) , Food & Beverage Director (Grand Hotel) (6th from left) Mr. Somchart Boonmawat and Royal Cliff’s Junior Sommeliers proudly presenting the Wine Spectator Award 2012.

Royal Cliff Resident Manager of Operations Ms. Vipavee Wuthichat (left) and General Manager Mr. Christoph Voegeli (right) presents regular guest Mr. Ackerman(centre) with his 97th birthday cake!

Royal Cliff Managing Director Mrs. Panga Vathanakul (left) with loyal, longstanding guest Mr. Michael Kovacs (right).

Royal Cliff Hotels Group PR & Marketing Communications Manager Ms. Victoria Arnold (2nd from left) with deVine Club members Ms. Gloria Jones (far left), Ms. Pat Burbridge(second from right), and Mr. John Howarth(far right).

Director of Sales & marketing Mr. Victor Kriventsov (right) enjoying a glass of wine and dessert with Royal Cliff’s regular guest.





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