Precautionary Measures in Response to Coronavirus

Royal Cliff is closely monitoring the coronavirus situation at all times.

The health, safety and well-being of our guests and staff are our top priority. We are working closely with Thailand’s Ministry of Health regarding the necessary precautions to keep our hotels secure and protected from the recent outbreak. We have a nurse on stand-by and have increased the frequency of disinfection especially in high-traffic areas across the resort. Hand sanitizers, masks and thermometers are also available in our Reception Counters and Testing Center. As a precaution, please know that we might ask our guests for recent travel history or check for signs and symptoms upon check-in. We might also direct symptomatic travelers to further medical examination.

Should you feel unwell during your stay or develop respiratory symptoms such as cough, runny nose or fever, please inform any of our staff immediately for assistance.

They will help you seek medical care right away.

Royal Cliff Conducts 30th Annual Workplace Fire Safety Training and Emergency Response Program

Pattaya, Thailand – The award-winning Royal Cliff Hotels Group has recently conducted its 30th Annual Workplace Fire Safety Training and Emergency Response Program together with the Office of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation of Pattaya.


Over 100 employees from various departments joined the educational and comprehensive yearly exercises that aim to teach them the importance of being adequately prepared for fire emergencies which include being aware of evacuation procedures and fire safety regulations as well as the proper execution of fire safety measures during emergencies. The 2-day program comprised of sessions covering the fundamentals of fire, hazard recognition and prevention, along with an introduction to firefighting equipment such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and fire hoses. Participants also learned basic first aid procedures with other life-saving techniques by a qualified nurse and had a chance to apply the knowledge they learned from the training sessions to practical case examples including evacuation in emergencies and putting out different types of fire. Royal Cliff Hotels considers guest safety as an utmost priority and conducts workplace fire safety training annually.


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Photo Caption: Over 100 employees of the Royal Cliff Hotels Group took part in the Hotel’s 30th Workplace Fire Safety Training and Emergency Response Program.

Photo Caption: Professionally trained firefighters from the Office of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation of Pattaya demonstrate to hotel staff the proper use of firefighting equipment at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group.

Photo Caption: The Office of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation of Pattaya conducted an insightful session designed to enhance the staff’s knowledge and skill in terms of knowing the causes of fire and ways to prevent them.