ADFEST 2016 | งานมหกรรมโฆษณาแอดเฟส

What is ADFEST?

ADFEST is an advertising festival celebrating creativity. Not only does the festival recognize and award creative excellence, it is more importantly a forum and platform for learning and meeting other professionals in the industry. It is the ideal place to engage, interact, and exchange views in a relaxed atmosphere.

Why “BE BAD”?

“Be Bad”, the ADFEST 2016’s theme addresses how our industry continues to develop and grow through enormous change. So much so that you could be forgiven for thinking it sometimes loses its way and gets distracted by new technology and constant upheaval. But there is one clear reason why we exist and why we celebrate and continue to love what we do, that never changes.

We live for great work. For the magic that makes the back of your neck tingle; for the power of words that makes you turn in your seat; for the moments captured and experienced online; on film, on paper, on any medium you can find.

People love standout advertising. They talk about it, share it, seek it out. They buy products because of it and tell their friends. It’s very effective.

But fantastic work doesn’t come easily. Consumers are a sensitive bunch. They change their minds. They move fast. It takes effort to outpace and surprise them.

Success demands commitment and bravery from both clients and agencies. It needs the conviction that finding a new angle will disrupt the status quo; an instinct that bucking the system will shake up the market; the passion to challenge the norm, the average and the mediocre.

It needs more of us to “Be Bad” – in a good way!

Take up the rallying cry and take your clients out of their comfort zone. Shake it up. Be bold. Get them in your corner, fighting for provocative work and the art of creativity. Join together and make something you are proud of and that makes them great. “Be Bad” more often, for the sake of your clients and for the hearts of their customers and aim to win awards.

You know it works. The proof is in black and white from The Gunn Report/IPA. Creative work that is awarded is more likely to be effective than work that is not awarded.

This year we are shouting “Be Bad” as loud as we can from the ADFEST rooftop. Come and join us and make a noise (and if you can’t, shout it any way)!

When & Where is it?

ADFEST 2016 will be held during Wednesday 16th – Saturday 19st March 2016 at the Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall (PEACH), at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group, Pattaya, Thailand.

How far is Pattaya from Bangkok?

Pattaya is 160 km. from Bangkok, and it takes roughly 1.5 – 2 hrs. to get there from Bangkok. Admittedly, traffic in Thailand can be a little hard to predict.

How do I get there?

You can book your transportation to Pattaya through our official service provider, SP Limousine, by clicking “Accommodation & Transport” under the “DELEGATES” tab.


How much is the delegate registration fee?

Delegate Fee:    25,000 baht

Young Creative Fee:    15,500 baht

Note: Delegates must be 28 years of age or younger (born after 21st March 1986). Proof of Date of Birth must be provided.

Student Fee:    12,000 baht

Note: Delegates must be a full-time student at an academic institution. Proof of enrollment must be provided.

What is included in a delegate pass?

A delegate pass entitles you to all functions held by ADFEST including:

  • Welcome Party
  •  All speaking sessions
  • Award presentations
  • Coffee breaks
  • Three lunches
  • After party
  • Festival Kit

Are there 1-day, 2-day, or passes for the award ceremonies only?

No, there is only a full 3-day festival pass.

Is there a bundle fee package?

No, ADFEST does not offer any package discount for group. You will need to register all delegates individually.

How do I register?

To register as a delegate, go to the “DELEGATES” tab, click on “Online Registration”, and complete the required information. You will receive an automated reference number.

After you have submitted your payment, you will be given a delegate number which you must bring with you to pick up your delegate pass at the registration desk on-site.

How can I get the Delegate Pass?

If you are a registered delegate, upon arrival at Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall (PEACH), Royal Cliff Hotels Group, proceed to the ADFEST Registration Counter and present your Confirmation Letter to collect your badge. You can pick up your festival kit at Counter A on the 2nd floor.

If you have not registered as a delegate, proceed to the On-Site Registration Counter.

For on-site registration, you can pay in cash or by credit card

When does delegate registration desk open?

From Wednesday 16th March through Saturday 19st March 2016 from 08:00-17:00 hours

If I cannot come in the last minute, is my delegate pass refundable or transferrable?

Cancellations made by Wednesday16th February 2016 are entitled to 50 % refund. Any cancellations thereafter are NOT refundable. However, delegate registrations are transferable.