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Chapter One The Proposal

Every fairy tale has a beginning; a once-upon-a-time that radiates elegance, love and romance.

Here at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group, we vow to exceed all of your expectations and

without a doubt, you will live happily ever after.


A story about true love is timeless. Tales of two people falling in love despite all odds have captivated audiences through the ages, just like the fabled story of Phra Aphai Mani. Phra Aphai Mani is a powerful romantic saga and the embodiment of eternal love. Let the legend and spirit of Phra Aphai Mani be your muse for the next step in your love story.

Every gentleman ready to embark upon the journey of marriage knows a perfect proposal is undeniably the moment every woman dreams about since childhood. We invite you to invoke the epic of Phra Aphai Mani to declare your ultimate devotion and start the beginning of a life-long romance here at the Royal Cliff. Our exclusive and scenic location makes Royal Cliff an ideal choice for romantic and enchanting moments.

Phra Aphai Mani adventured the unknown world searching for his heart’s desire and when he won his true love he vowed his dedication of love with music, poetry and magic.  A perfect proposal has many elements to consider and plan for, and it is easy to be overwhelmed.  In addition to setting the scene and selecting a breath-taking engagement ring, the elation would be to have her say ‘Yes!’ without hesitation. With Royal Cliff’s support and expertise, and the inspiration of Phra Aphai Mani you will have this reaction and more from your loved one.

Our experienced staff can help you fashion a scene that will fulfill your sweetheart’s fantasies, making her fall into your arms and fall in love with you all over again.  Whether you have a flair for the romantics or desire a serene exotic setting, every proposal will reflect the uniqueness of your relationship and love for her. Every detail from food and music to atmosphere and most importantly, the element of surprise, will be handled with finesse and care.

Every fairy tale has a beginning; a once-upon-a-time that radiates elegance, love and romance. It would be our pleasure to be part of your very own love story.


We vow to exceed all of your expectations and, without a doubt, you will live happily ever after.

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Engagement Proposal – April 2016

I think it would be only right to write a review for Royal suite & Spa, reflecting on the location, resort, employees and in particular the management which made this stay a very special one for both me and my Fiance.

I contacted Dan Narapruet at very short notice regarding the possibility of helping me to arrange my engagement, as other plans i had made had recently fallen through. I was a little apprehensive at doing so seeing as i would be doing this at quite a distance (from the UK), and had to purely rely on email correspondence and the trust in the hotel that they would be able to cater for the requirements which we discussed.

My initial inquiry was responded to within 24hrs and they were undoubtedly pleased that i was thinking of hosting such a special day at their hotel. As you can imagine it took various emails from myself to determine exactly what i wanted to plan, to which i thanks the patience of the Royal Suites team, and throughout Dan helped to provide a series of there own ideas to compliment mine – which was extremely helpful! After various amendments to the plan on my end we settled on a date at the end of April on a Friday evening to make my proposal.

After having already been in Thailand for almost 10 days prior the day of the proposal we arrived a little after my check-in time, however upon arrival were greeted by both Dan and the management team at the entrance of the hotel (much to the bemused excitement of my girlfriend!) – how they knew it was me i have no idea as i didn’t send any pictures (this was fantastic!). We were quickly seated and our bags were taken and sent to the room whilst we were offered cold flanels and a complimentary arrival drink. After some discussion, and being tended too much like royalty, we were invited up to our room which was prepared for our arrival.

Dan personally joined us to the room along with the concierge and it wasn’t until that moment where my future Fiance began to twig exactly what was happening. Whilst walking down the corridor to the room we could see 3 or 4 employees already standing outside the door of our suite, and just like we had planned, they had Champagne on ice and a freshly made-hand crafted strawberry cake laid on top of various ornamental stands. It was simply perfect. Upon entering the room (which in itself was breathtaking anyway) there was fresh tropical fruit and a platter all laid out in the front room. The bed had large white swan towels, and the Jacuzzi and King sized bed were adorned with freshly picked rose petals. Even in the washroom, there were white towels crafted into various other animals. Every part of the initial presentation was perfect, and was in fact much better than i could even have dreamed for it to have planned out.

The afternoon went just as well, with my at-the-time girlfriend indulging in 3-4 four hours worth of luxury spa treatments which i had planned for her. During this time gave me the opportunity to not only have a few stiff drinks (for some dutch coverage 🙂 ) but also liaise with the management and explore some of the hotel and meet the restaurant staff where we were due to have our evening meal. The spot which the staff picked for our table, again was perfect and secluded, and we were told that for the evening we would have the restaurant to ourselves!!!

Once the evening came and we arrived at the restaurant (19:00 if i remember correctly), the whole area had been turned into something out of a fairy tale. The table and surrounding area were decorated expertly with fresh flowers and hanging lanterns and again fresh petals were sprinkled on the ground around the base of the table. We met the Chef who personally introduced himself, and also the 2 waiters we had for the evening who were also fantastic. I had chose to have the Chef’s specialty 5 course dinner and the food was out of the world and each course was independently presented by the head chef. The service we received during this time was on par with everything we had experienced to date (there was never a glass left empty!).

Cleverly, although they had not missed a trick and waited on our every need, when the time of the proposal came, the staff miraculously disappeared and allowed us a private moment that should be expected for such an occasion! My Fiance was dumbstruck at the proceeding (and still to this day says she looks back on the day like a dream)

The morning that followed was perfect, we had breakfast in bed and a very lazy morning to enjoy the various amenities that the hotel had to offer. Even when we checked out we were waived off by the staff who had provided us with personal gifts for us to remind ourselves of the hotel and the evening.

All in all, the hotel (although in Pattaya – Top class/spec and very secluded), the staff and all of the arrangements which were made on our behalf, we cannot thank you enough! It truly was a memorable experience and will stay with us both forever. So much so that we are definitely considering coming back to the Royal suites and Spa to host our wedding!

On a finishing note: To all wanting to know – this can all be achieved at a very competitive rate, and i was bowled over by the services i had received for the money i had paid. If anyone is thinking of staying at a top hotel in Pattaya or is equally looking for ideas for a proposal, please go, or at least enquire with this hotel and you will not be disappointed! I have stayed at various hotels here and this is without question the best of the best.

Many thanks again!!!


Room Tip: As always i go to the highest floor (for whichever type of room booked) – as the view is better!

fiandwyerparker Southampton, United Kingdom

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