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Indulge in the Sweet Life with our new Executive Pastry Chef Rujira Leangchukiet!

Where does your passion for being a pastry chef come from?

It all started with my personal love of eating pastries. I also like looking at them and discovering what they are made of and where it is made from. My internship at the Sheraton Grand Hotel's bakery gave me an opportunity to explore and discover more about pastries and all its ingredients. I then started falling in love with what I was doing.

What do you like most about being a Pastry Chef?

I like the process of creating. I like developing new recipes and experimenting with different types of ingredients for new pastries.

For every dish you make, what is your goal?

My ultimate goal is for all of my creations to be beautiful, delicious and satisfying.

What is your signature dessert?

I have my own recipe for Chocolate Mousse. The inside of the mouse is made of dark chocolate with raspberry jelly fillings which are then placed on a crispy feuilletine and chocolate sponge. On top of it, I use my own style of chocolate sauce.

Where do you get inspiration for your desserts?

I get inspired by seeing and watching famous international pastry chefs. Their work always amazes me and motivates me to be just like them.

What is your favorite ingredient to work with?

I like using light and crunchy ingredients such as nuts, caramel, cornflakes or even crispy flour. I think crunchiness is fascinating.

What do you like doing in your free time?

Listening to music while looking through photos of desserts. I especially enjoy looking at the creations of international bakers and their beautiful chocolates.

Come and experience her sweet and savory creations!


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