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Warm greetings from the multi-award winning Royal Cliff Hotels Group & PEACH!

Exceeding expectations is at the heart of the Royal Cliff culture. What makes us a unique and unforgettable destination go far beyond the norm of having just first - rate facilities and exceptional services. It fundamentally stems from shared inspiration and motivation stimulated by focused and effective leadership. A strong management team empowers every staff to reach their greatest potential and achieve mutual goals while providing the best service possible. We recognize that employee motivation is an indispensable key to successful events and that a positive dynamic corporate culture with strong morale can highly influence the manifestation of rewarding and remarkable engagements. Because of this, a promising environment where talents and abilities are given the chance to successfully develop and help in the realization of the company’s objectives will always be fostered at the Royal Cliff.

In this issue, we featured excerpts from an exclusive Q & A with our Executive Director, Mr. Vitanart Vathanakul. We hope that this will give you a chance to have a closer look at what drives us and understand why only extraordinary events happen here.

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Panga Vathanakul
Managing Director
Royal Cliff Hotels Group and Pattaya Exhibition And Convention Hall (PEACH)


A significant presence in Thailand’s hospitality industry, his valuable insight and unique understanding of the company’s operations and culture enable him to provide essential leadership to the Royal Cliff team. He plays a pivotal role in leading the overall growth and direction of the company’s marketing and business development initiatives and takes the helm in providing strategic leadership to a multi - award winning company which is home to four 5 - star hotels and a multi - award winning convention center.


Royal Cliff has now surpassed forty years in the business, yet in our customers' eyes, we are still fresh and innovative. We are constantly challenging the status quo and finding ways to improve. We invest in things that we believe are important for our guests to ensure that their experience at the Royal Cliff continually gets better. This is achieved by collecting customer feedback and hotel reviews as well as carrying out active customer engagement. By doing these, we gain a clearer picture on factors that we need to improve upon and identify essential areas that need to be upgraded. Right now, we are working closely with top architects and interior designers in creating additional facilities and modifying attributes of our existing products to satisfy the needs of today's discerning customers.

In addition to this, we place great importance in recruiting top caliber professionals together with building a strong employee training and development program. We work hard to ensure that every staff receives constant training and performance support tools that would help them deliver superior customer service. Everyone we recruit must have a service mindset. Our workforce consists of professionals who are passionate about what they do, who take pleasure in seeing our guests smile and who genuinely enjoy working inside the property. We also send our talented chefs and experienced F&B team on dining trips where they visit top restaurants and popular dining outlets to discover the latest and most significant trends in their particular industry.

Finally, we have increased the size of our marketing team so that we can provide our customers with 360 - degree services. These include after - sales service where we constantly keep in touch with our customers and send them information which we believe will be useful for them. Every newsletters, direct emails and social media post is always given much thought and careful consideration before it is sent out. We understand that our guests receive numerous information each day and the last thing we want to do, is to bother them. Therefore, before anything is sent out, our team carefully selects materials that are based on their preferences and incorporate content which are relevant to them.

Our customers' happiness together with receiving awards and recognition for high quality service are two of my biggest motivations. The awards we have won so far have now exceeded 200 and we are all very proud of this fact. The prestigious status of Royal Cliff continues to serve as an inspiration to our employees who become motivated to continue our long lasting legacy in the hospitality industry. We are very fortunate to have many talented people in the Royal Cliff family. I am also motivated to see my team improve and get better with their work over time.

The senior management team and I constantly remind everyone at Royal Cliff of each person's importance to the success of the organization. One bad touch point can ruin a guest's whole experience. Because of this, the whole team is collectively motivated to provide amazing service and quality work in their area of responsibility. We are all working towards the common goal of achieving customer satisfaction. With regards to the MICE aspect, we also strive to ensure the success of every event held at the Royal Cliff. We all share the same vision and passion to make Royal Cliff a premier destination where guests can always expect exclusive and attentive services coupled with high quality designs and world-class facilities.

Knowing that through success, we can help others in need in the local community, I am also motivated to make a difference in Pattaya and Thailand. This year, we have partnered with the Lamborghini Club of Thailand to donate a substantial amount of money to help fund the growth and development of underprivileged children in a Pattaya orphanage. When we launched our Ladies Privilege Package, we also grabbed the opportunity to work with the Father Ray Foundation. Eco-friendly ladies bags that were given to our guests featured painted designs made by the foundation's young orphans and students with disabilities. For every package that was booked, a fraction of the proceeds went to this charity. We recognize that children are the future of this country so we constantly try to do our part in giving them an opportunity to develop their talents and create a much brighter future for them.

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