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Making extraordinary events happen while exceeding expectations is at the heart of the Royal Cliff culture. What makes us a unique and unforgettable destination go far beyond the norm of having just first - rate facilities and exceptional services. It stems from shared inspiration and motivation stimulated by focused and effective leadership.

Our management team recognizes that employee motivation is an indispensable key to successful events and that a positive dynamic corporate culture with strong morale can highly influence the manifestation of rewarding engagements. Because of this, it takes a dedicated, capable and experienced leader to create a promising environment where talents and abilities can successfully develop and ensure that we stay a leader in the MICE industry.

In this issue, we feature an exclusive Q & A with our Executive Director, Mr. Vitanart Vathanakul. Get to know this significant figure who supports and leads the Royal Cliff team in not only living out the organization's purpose but also, achieving our vision of delighting clients and exceeding expectations.

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Panga Vathanakul
Managing Director
Royal Cliff Hotels Group and Pattaya Exhibition And Convention Hall (PEACH)

A significant presence in Thailand's hospitality industry, his valuable insight and unique understanding of the company's operations and culture enable him to provide essential leadership to the Royal Cliff team. He plays a pivotal role in leading the overall growth and direction of the company's marketing and business development initiatives and takes the helm in providing strategic leadership to a remarkable organization which is home to four 5 - star hotels and an multi award-winning convention center.

What strategy do you have in place at your venue to serve incoming business events from around the world?

Our strategy is to constantly challenge our team to think of creative ways to enhance our customers' experience. This year our MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) theme and goal is 'to make all events held at the Royal Cliff be extraordinary'. To achieve this objective, we have implemented the following :-

In terms of service, we invest extensively on training our staff by hiring the best trainers in the service field. The training covers all aspects from English training to how to provide exceptional services. As English is regarded as the international language of business, we work hard in making sure all departments can speak and understand it at an adequate level. So, should it happen that a guest encounters a housekeeper or one of our hardworking gardeners, they will be able to answer their questions and provide the appropriate help. Our MICE team are also trained on MICE standards and procedures in order to make sure that all events held at Royal Cliff are safe and can operate in the smoothest possible manner. Our engineers and technicians are constantly updated on the technological front so that we are able to provide the latest technology and AV system for any event.

Next, we want to give each of our guests a unique experience which they can show off to their friends. This means developing creative packages and partnering with some of Pattaya's best attractions. In addition to this, to be able to provide an all-around guest experience, we believe that we can attract and retain customers by keeping their stomach's satisfied. 

Because we understand the rise of a more food-conscious culture, we have been working very hard with our chefs in order to provide our guests with exciting culinary experiences and a wide range of food and restaurant options. Our award-winning chefs also have the budget to tour around the best restaurants so that we can keep up with the fast moving trends of the Food and Beverage industry. Whether it is coffee breaks or gala dinners, we are confident that our MICE delegates will have a happy stomach.

Finally, we will develop an app with the aim of enhancing our guests' overall hotel experience. New updates, maps, quick assistance, promotions, happy hour deals, event details and many more will be part of its features. As Royal Cliff is such a big resort and we want our guests to maximize its use, this app will assist them in exploring the property and its surrounding areas. We understand that guests do not want to read a lot of collateral, so we will summarize everything in one channel which would clearly show the benefits they will receive.

What MICE standards does your venue adopt?

The team at Royal Cliff ensures that important MICE standards are implemented throughout each department's operations and services. It is important that our clients receive high quality and industry standards-based MICE services. We have to live up to our reputation of delivering the outstanding service that we promise. These standards are therefore a guidebook that we abide by. It is a training tool so our professional staff become capable of delivering the highest standards of service excellence whilst emanating the essence of Thai hospitality.

Complying with it means we are adapting to the latest trends and most importantly, our guests can feel confident at having their events at a venue that follows these policies. In addition to refining our business processes, these standards also help Royal Cliff to reduce unnecessary costs so that the company can invest on things that really improve the MICE experience.

The standards that we have completed the assessment so far include: ISO 9001: Quality Management System, ISO 22000: Food Management System, ISO 22300 MICE Security Management Systems and TMVS: Thailand MICE Venue Standard.

We are now in the process of working towards achieving the rest of the standards including the Event Sustainability Management Systems, Business Continuity Management Systems and Energy Management Systems. Eventually, we are aiming to win the certificate for ASEAN MICE Venue Standard.

What developments in technology are enabling successful events at your venue?

The most important thing that a MICE venue must provide is fast and reliable Wi-Fi. If a venue can provide this aspect at a reliable level then they are already beyond halfway in ensuring satisfaction from the MICE groups. The ability to connect multiple devices under one username is also becoming more important. At Royal Cliff, we invested extensively to make sure that everyone can access high speed and reliable Wi-Fi as well as have the option to be able to connect to multiple devices. With fast and reliable Wi-Fi, a multitude of things can be done. In one event, we have helped set-up a conference where the delegates were able to connect with another group in Amsterdam in real time. Throughout the entire engagement, there was not even a single glitch and our customers were very happy with this outcome.

Another area that we see a number of compliments on is our IPTV system. We are able to work with organizers to send schedules to all the delegates' TV screens. In this way, if there are changes in the timetable of events, then the organizers can use the TVs in their delegates' accommodations to make the announcements and send messages.

We invested in a CRM cloud-based software for managing our sales and events. This makes our sales team and our operations team work more efficiently. With this technology we can be more flexible with last minute requests, allocate rooms quickly and keep a record of client preferences. When clients return to us, we already know their likes and dislikes and we can refer to detailed records on how we should improve when they come back to us. Repeated customers love the fact that they do not have to request for much as most of their unexpressed wishes are already fulfilled.

Finally, we believe that providing the essential items on site such as LCD projectors and the latest audio-visual technological tools are now the basic requirements.

What sustainable practices have you invested in? In what way is your venue CSR-friendly?

The green policies of the Royal Cliff are implemented in the strictest way to maintain and preserve the environment. With the involvement and support of the executives and staff, our Policy Guidelines are implemented in letter and spirit. Under these guidelines, an Environment Management Committee (EMC) has been set up together with Royal Cliff's executives who volunteered to oversee its implementation.

The activities that the resort have taken to conserve the environment include: the resort opening its own wastewater treatment plant during the early 70's ( long before Pattaya city had its own), regular environmental awareness training for staff, a system of waste management, recycling and disposal, a "save water/energy" campaign involving both staff and guests, the use of environmentally-friendly cleaning agents and products, the establishment of an environmental committee within the resort and daily beach-cleaning exercises.

With the active involvement of the guests and employees in the campaign since 2006, the Royal Cliff Hotels Group has successfully reduced electricity consumption by 3.87 KWh or 4.47%, water consumption by 0.11 cu.m or 5.55% and oil consumption by 0.38 litres or 7.37% per room night. Our guests can participate by following the instructions we provide inside their rooms or suites such as keeping the room temperature to at least 25 degrees Celsius, re-using the bed linen and towels, using our Green products etc. For large groups who use our convention centre, Pattaya Exhibition And Convention Hall (PEACH), for their events, organizers also help out the environment as it was designed to utilize energy efficiently. Additionally, they are immediately offered a Tree Planting certificate at the end of the event for helping safeguard the environment by opting to have their event with us. Flame trees would be planted in vital tree planting locations on behalf of these organizations where we give them the option to choose the territory they would like us to plant the trees.

Aside from our Green initiatives, Royal Cliff is also actively involved in funding the local community. We work closely with numerous charities including The School for the Blind, The School for the Handicap, The Orphanage Centre, young HIV patients and more. Each group that has an event here are offered an option to participate in donating and visiting various charities. Last year, the Lamborghini Club Thailand asked to be involved with our CSR project. Together, we donated THB 200,000 to the Father Ray Foundation to be used for education, food supplies and improvement in their living conditions. This foundation currently cares for more than 850 underprivileged, orphaned, abused, neglected and abandoned children along with students with disabilities. We also take other groups to visit the centres where they bring stationeries, books and clothes to give to the children. These are just some activities that corporate event planners can sign up to participate with us.

What recent updates to your facilities are improving your events?

We have begun working with the best architect and interior designers in the country. Many meetings have taken place to discuss what else we can do to enhance our guests' experience. This year, we are planning to do a complete makeover of one of our hotels that includes giving the exterior a facelift. We are aiming to make our returning guests be in awe with our new lobbies, breakfast area, restaurants and guest rooms. As travelers become more appreciative of design, this is what we are placing our emphasis on. However, we understand that visuals also need to be balanced with functionality and so we make it our task to make this combination work. Additionally, we always emphasize the importance of providing the fundamental requirements of our guests such as fast and stable Wi-Fi, efficient service, cleanliness, ample room amenities and comfortable furniture in the communal areas.

Another project that is currently underway parallel to the renovation of our hotels is the upgrade of our sports club. As we work towards the vision of being a destination that offers the best sports facilities, we have invested significantly to improve our Fitz Club. By the end of this year, our Tennis courts will be one of a kind in terms of colour and quality.

The standard will be the same as the Grand Slam courts. The swimming pool areas will be redesigned to give an Amazon vibe with beautiful trees and many shades that give a very tropical ambiance.

These additional amenities and upgrades are derived from constant communication with our guests. Our teams are also regularly communicating with one another as well. For example, what the operations team hears from our guests is always passed on to our marketing and business development team. The reviews and testimonials collected get forwarded to the board of directors. All these comments are looked through thoroughly to see how we can prevent future problems from occurring and how we can further enhance our guests' comfort. As for food, our chefs are asked to continually research, visit new places and experiment. Our food and beverage promotions get scrutinized and tested before they are released. We want to make sure that our guests are consuming the freshest of ingredients coupled with beautiful presentations. Furthermore, we are always on a quest to seek new Pattaya attraction partners and negotiate the best offers and exclusive benefits for our guests.

What future developments are in the works for your venue? What MICE opportunities do you see on the horizon in the upcoming years?

By next year, our guests will be able to enjoy our new landscape, lobbies, bars, numerous new networking spaces, breakfast area, sports club and modern guest rooms. The quality of their stay will be even better than before. As mentioned earlier, we are working with the best architects and interior designers so we are confident that all events that will take place here will be truly extraordinary. We are also redesigning some of our meeting rooms to create an environment that brings out maximum productivity in each meeting session.

Our training programs will be improved even further. We have already started training our staff in other languages other than English. The operations team can now speak basic Chinese, Korean and Russian. We see more opportunities coming from the Asian zone, therefore we want to make delegates from this part of the world feel as welcome as possible. We want them to enjoy holding their events in Thailand and Pattaya. Because of this, it is imperative that we give them a memorable experience.

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