Precautionary Measures in Response to Coronavirus

The Royal Cliff Management is closely monitoring the coronavirus situation at all times.

With the progression of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the health, safety and well-being of all our guests and staff remain our top priority. We are working closely with medical professionals, specialists and Thailand’s Ministry of Health regarding the necessary precautions to keep our hotels secure and protected from the recent outbreak and follow the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO). We have a nurse on standby to check for symptoms and do temperature checks and have increased the frequency of routine disinfection especially in high-traffic areas across the resort. Hand sanitizers, masks and thermometers are also available in our Reception Counters and Testing Center.

Should you feel unwell during your stay or develop respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough or runny nose, please inform any of our staff immediately for assistance in seeking medical care right away.




  • 商业摄影或录像在皇家克里夫是不予许的在没有酒店管理层的授权。
  • 我们的第一要务是我们的保证客人的权利, 所以我们有一个严格的政策, 反对使用任何我们的设施未经授权的专业或商业摄影或录像 (包括婚前拍摄,除非是我们酒店婚礼套餐中的一部分。订婚摄影, 广告摄影, 模特/时装拍摄/电影拍摄等)。


  • 客人可以拍摄非商业摄影或视频为自己的个人使用 (没有专业设备, 照明等) 在他们的房间或在其他地方, 但必须尊重的隐私和其他客人的福利在该地区。
  • 如果酒店管理层在拍摄前对专业摄影/录像给予许可,。所有摄影/录像的请求将根据占用、可用性和内容进行审查和批准。

请注意, 未经授权的专业摄影师/摄影师而且不是酒店的客人,酒店将会要求立即离开酒店的所在区域。

如要求使用酒店的任何区域作为商业照片拍摄或拍摄的地点, 以及特殊场合/婚礼的拍摄, 应直接联系市场部。这些照片/视频拍摄的费用和流程必须得到管理部门批准。如有照片/视频拍摄的需求, 请填写我们的申请表或联系市场部,联系电话: +66 38250421 #2878或发送电子邮件:creative@royalcliff.com